Press and Artist Links

Art For Your Ear podcast by The Jealous Curator, Daisy Patton
Daisy Patton, from DIALOGIST Vol. IV, Issue 2
Forgetting is so long by Daisy Patton, from Fraction Magazine’s 100th Issue
‘Forgetting is so long’ – Interview with Daisy Patton from Identity XX Mag
Interview: Daisy Patton from Create! Magazine
Under the Radar: Daisy Patton from Vasari21, interviewed by Ann Landi
100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Daisy Patton in Westword
Daisy Patton, from Coagula Art Journal, Issue 114, Fall 2016
Art Uncovered with Kimberly Ruth: Daisy Patton from BTRlisten, audio podcast
Forgetting is so long by Daisy Patton in Backroom Caracas (I wrote about my work for this art organization/site)
Under the Radar: Daisy Patton, Gary Kaleda, Deborah Druick (Forgetting is so long featured)
Forgetting is so long by Daisy Patton from Lamono Magazine
Brain Scans Inspire Artist To Create A New Kind Of Self-Portrait (Deterioration featured)
Daisy Patton | …es tan largo el olvido (Forgetting is so long featured)
“daisy patton” from The Jealous Curator
“Untitled (Blondie)” from the Hyperallergic LABS Tumblr
Spotlight (featuring So Long, Farewell), from SciArt in America April 2015 issue
PDN Photo of the Day, “Untitled (Blondie)” from “The Big Picture”
2014 Artist Spotlight, 365 Artists 365 Days
MOP Denver 2015: The Big Picture (one of Forgetting is so long works featured)
Forgetting is so long: Conversations on Punctum and Presence with Daisy Patton
Interview on the 365 Artists 365 Days project
Featured on Artistic Moods art blog
On various art shows:
Playing with the dead from The Denver Post
Review: Daisy Patton and Margaret Lawless Alter Photos at Michael Warren Contemporary from Westword
Dismantling the Conventions of Monuments (RedLine Resident Show, Forgetting is so long featured)
Artist calls brain scans ‘a kind of self-portrait’ (Deterioration featured)
Daisy Patton, Bright Young Things, GOCA Tumblr (Forgetting is so long featured)
Emerging Artists Featured in ‘Bright Young Things’ at GOCA 121 (Forgetting is so long featured)
Review for solo show at Michael Warren Contemporary on 1 of 1 Magazine (Forgetting is so long featured)
Review for solo show at Michael Warren Contemporary on Art LTD (Forgetting is so long featured)
Notice for my artist talk at Mt. Hood Community College on A Reconstructed Family Reunion
NK Gallery’s Press Release for Here We Are, Who Cares? (I’m Perfectly Fine Without You featured)
Mainsite Contemporary Gallery’s 2005 Emergent Artist Exhibition

On Venezuelan Sayings:
Interview on Global Voices
Interview on Queen Pepiada (in Spanish)
Featured on Pixable
Featured on La Patilla (a Venezuelan news site, in Spanish)

On design work:
SF Weekly‘s Hour of the Wolf: Creative Action Network and Earthjustice Want You to #JoinThePack (one of my designs featured)
Interview from The Creative Action Network
One of my designs featured in Mashable‘s 14 Gorgeous Posters to Celebrate National Park Week
One of my See America designs featured in Graphic Art News