The Missing Tourists, Or Disappearance in Death Valley Installation

In July of 1996, a German family traveled through Death Valley National Park and was never heard from again. Egbert Rimkus, 34, his son Georg Weber, 10, his girlfriend Cornelia Meyer, 28, and her son Max Meyer, 4, all drove from Las Vegas in a rented minivan with little provisions, journeying through the desert in record high temperatures. When they failed to make their Transworld Airways flight July 29th, their families reported them missing. 

On October 26, 1996, authorities from Inyo County discovered their Plymouth Voyager, lodged in the earth of Anvil Spring Canyon with three flat tires, some items including an American flag taken from a nearby cabin, and no sign of the Germans themselves. Conspiracy theories quickly spread from the crime scene as strangers speculated on what had become of the unfortunate family.